Smith County Republican Party chairman reacts to former President Donald Trump’s indictment

June 9, 2023 – Tyler, Texas (CBS19)

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed former President Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 felony charges — most of which focus on willful retention of classified documents.

Trump is known for having a strong presence among East Texas Republican voters.

Smith County Republican Chairman David Stein said local Republicans are keeping an eye on the future presidential candidate.

“It’s another indictment, who knows what the purpose is?” Stein said. “He’s a candidate for president. A lot of people are supporting him. There’s other people that are in the race, but is this to keep him tied up during the campaigning? Who knows?”

Stein said when it comes to Smith County Republicans they are mixed in their support for Trump. He said there are still members who are 100% diehard supporters, but also others who are ready for a different type of candidate.

“He’s one of the best presidents from the standpoint of what he got accomplished while in office and for some folks that’s enough,” Stein said.

He added his constituents focus on polices surrounding the Texas border and national diplomacy like the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“What’s happening at our southern border, honestly, is criminal and it needs to stop,” Stein said. “(Trump) did that, if you look at us we weren’t in wars. He kept North Korea at bay, he kept Russia at bay and so it was the old Reaganism peace through strength. I think that’s what he exemplified. He got things done.”

Stein said Trump is not a polished politician, but that it’s exactly what East Texans wanted. He also said the Republican Party is tired of the constant attacks on the former president claiming he is the most attacked political official America has seen in history.

“We call it Trump derangement syndrome and it’s hurting the country,” Stein said. “We have a political process that is trying to get done and the polarization does nothing to help us.”

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