East Texas politicians react to Trump 2024 announcement

November 16, 2022 – TYLER, Texas (KETK)

The road to the Whitehouse in 2024 began Tuesday night. In Florida, former President Trump announced he is running to be president again.

“I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” said Trump.

While the presidential election is still two years away, experts believe Trump’s announcement could possibly divide the Republican Party.

Here in East Texas, the Smith County Democratic Party said they welcome the announcement.

“We kind of look forward to seeing Trump galvanize around the country. It’s gonna help the democrats quite a bit,” said Hector Garza, Smith County Democratic Party Chair.

Smith county Republicans said it is too early to predict a nominee.

“If he wants to run and feels that he has the backing to run again for the presidency, it’s his right to do that and if he decides not to, that’s his right also,” said David Stein, Smith County Republican Party Chair.

Trump, with a loyal fan base, could potentially face off against rising GOP star, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

“The story in Florida is not President Trump, and I’m not trying to avoid that. Let’s give DeSantis credit for what he did,” said Stein.

“A lot of the Republicans are going to Ron DeSantis’s side which is gonna split the Party and they are gonna have a lot of turmoil,” said Stein.

In a survey released by the Texas Republican Party on Monday, 43% of Texas Republicans say they would vote for DeSantis over trump in the 2024 primary.

The Republican Party said it’s too early to tell, even after successful midterms in Florida.

“Ron DeSantis moved the needle in Florida where he takes Hillsborough County, where Tampa is, and for crying out loud Dade County where Miami is. That’s the story, so DeSantis did a phenomenal job,” said Stein.

This is the third time Donald Trump will run for president.

If he is nominated and goes to win the White House, he will become the first person to serve two non-consecutive terms since Grover Cleveland in 1893.


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