My name is David Stein, County Chair for Smith County having been re-elected to my third term with 66.37% of the vote. I also serve as Vice President for TRCCA, Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association.


I love the city I live in; I love our County, our State, and our Nation. As a conservative Republican my entire adult life dating back to Ronald Reagan, I believe in and support the core principles of our party.


For the most part, we Republicans believe those similar principles, we’re pro-life, pro second amendment, pro-military, we support limited government, traditional families, and individual liberties, etc. Where I believe we do find differences is how we get those things done. Right now, our state party has limited funds, no plan or staff for an election integrity effort, no get out vote initiative, and no widespread organized candidate recruitment plan. We need more training for our County Parties and County Chairs, especially since we have 60-70 new County Chairs every election cycle. We must, and I mean must, create a more robust and effective database for our ground game and get out the vote efforts to be at their best. We cannot continue to take actions that further divide our party instead of trying to find that common ground, which most importantly is getting Republicans such as Donald Trump for President and Ted Cruz for Senate, elected in November General elections.


Things are at risk in our State, and this does not sit well with me which is why I am formally announcing today that I am a candidate for Vice Chair of The Republican Party of Texas. We’ve been able to accomplish a lot of great things in Smith County and believe we can do similarly in the State, but it is going to take new leadership. Dr. Dana Myers has announced her candidacy for State Chair, personally I think she would be a great leader. I would be honored to serve with her should she be elected.


I know or have met many leaders across the state and look forward to interacting with all leaders over the next 11 weeks. I work exceptionally hard and have an effective track record in Smith County. I recognize this is a huge undertaking, and I’m going to run a campaign with that intensity needed to win. Contact information is below. My web site and Facebook pages are being updated for this campaign. I’m asking you to support me in this effort, I’m asking you to believe it is good for our state party.


Thank You!

David Stein

David Stein

Chairman, Smith County Republican Party



Pro-Election Integrity


Pro- 2nd Amendment

Pro- Limited Government

Pro- Free Enterprise

Pro- Personal Accountability and Responsibility

Pro- Support our Military, Veterans, and Law Enforcement

Pro- Family

Pro- Low Taxes

Pro – Border Security

Endorsed By:


Sen. Bryan Hughes, SD1

Rep. Matt Schaefer HD6

Rep. Cole Hefner HD5

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith

Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman

Former Smith County Chair Marcia Daughtrey



Elect a Republican to the White House


Reclaim Majority in U.S. Senate


Increase Majority in U.S. House


Strengthen the Republican Majority in Texas House and Senate


Focus on Conservative Values and Legislation


Increase Voter Turnout

Recruit Precinct Chairs


Conduct Secure Elections


Increase Party Unity

Important Election Dates – 2024

February 5th – Last Day to Register to Vote

February 20th – First Day of Early Voting

February 23rd – Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (Received not Postmarked)

March 1st – Last Day of Early Voting

March 5th – Last Day to Receive Ballot by Mail